January 13, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure for me to recommend Steve Rappaport. Steve is an exceptional broker, both in regards to his knowledge of the retail market in New York City and his ability to work well with others to ultimately close on deals. My firm has hired Steve on multiple occasions, all resulting in success and almost always exceeding my expectations.

Jordan Vogel
Benchmark Real Estate Group, LLC

June 4, 2015

Steve Rappaport is a rarity in the world of the New York City commercial property broker—well-informed, prepared, thorough and insightful. Steve patiently worked with us over the course of many months until we secured our current location. Steve was thoughtfully analytical in helping us to evaluate the merits or each property, and was effective in the negotiations with the landlord. Soft-spoken and direct, Steve was a pleasure to work with, and a professional we will gladly turn to again.

Stephen S. Daniel
Alder Restaurant Management Group, LLC
157 Second Avenue
New York, New York 10003

May 2015

I have known Steve Rappaport for several years. He was most helpful in locating space for both of my restaurants. He was attentive, gained a knowledge of what our needs were, and identified locations which would contribute to our growth and success. I would not hesitate to contract his services again, and would recommend him without reservation to someone in need a skilled broker.

Chef Chris Jaeckle
All’onda and Uma Temakeria

May 2015

Steve is a fantastic broker. He understood our needs and patiently pursued locations for us until we were able to make a deal. Extremely experienced and knowledgeable, he was really an asset in negotiations with our landlord and was there through the long process. He knows real estate and the restaurant industry like no other, and I look forward to looking for our next location together!

Danny Emerman
Botinno and The Chop Shop

May 2015

Steve did an excellent job helping me, a first timer in the industry. Walking me through the steps, he helped me get a good deal with the landlords, while also explaining the standards. He made connections whenever I needed one, such as a real estate lawyer to negotiate the lease. He only had to show me one location, so I have to say my experience with him of 1 out of 1 was definitely pleasant. I hope the same for everyone that works with him, good luck!

Ziyad Hermez

January 12, 2015Amy Mah
Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring Street, NY, NY 10012

To Whom It May Concern:Three years ago, we met Steve while signing the lease for our first shop in Soho. And he has since kept his eye out for other suitable locations for us as we mindfully expand. Steve is a “quality over quantity” kind of guy, and when he shows us a spot, it is something that he has taken thought into, not just an exhaustive list of what’s on the market. Steve’s understanding of the real estate market as well as the businesses of his clientele make him an asset and adviser to small business owners. He is involved at all points of the process, including lease negotiations and has certainly become a part of our team and family here.

Dominique & Amy
(from Dominique Ansel Bakery and Dominique Ansel Kitchen)

Dear Steve

First of all, we really want to thank you so much for all of your efforts in helping us secure our first retail property. Truly, your experience and knowledge in the world of NYC real estate far surpasses other brokers we have dealt with. As this was our first foray into retail leasing, having you on our side every step of the way was irreplaceable. Not only did you guide us through the entire process from finding our perfect property to signing the lease, but your services went beyond real estate as you connected us to so many people who are going to help us grow our business successfully.

Can’t thank you enough for your invaluable support. Please feel free to reach out to us in the future with any questions or favors… it’s the least we can do!

Nick and Elyse Oleksak
Owners, Bantam Bagels

May 7, 2012

Steve is one of the best commercial brokers I have used to rent commercial spaces in Tribeca. He and his assistants have shown our space to many potential tenants. We had several good offers. When the right offer came, Steve assisted in the negotiating process. In our case, we wanted our attorney to negotiate the lease. When some issues needed to be resolved, Steve recommended that we meet privately with the prospective tenant to sort out the business details. The negotiations moved along nicely.

What is it like working with Steve? He answers our calls, responds to our texts and emails at all times of the day. When we requested to meet with him one morning, he drove into NYC on the same day just to meet with us. He is a true deal maker.

Yours truly,
Leah Berger

March 20, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this note to tell you about a great broker by the name of Steve Rappaport. Steve and I recently completed a deal on the Lower East Side at our Luxury Apartment Rental complex on 188 Ludlow. Not only is Steve one of the most knowledgeable and experienced broker’s I have dealt with, he is also one of the most honest and credible people in his profession. Steve doesn’t waste your time and knows how to orchestrate a fair deal for both sides. He delivers on promises, follows-up in a timely manner and is a great deal “caretaker” from start to finish. In addition, he is loyal to his tenants and is accessible far after earning his commission.

I am certain that Steve and I will consummate more deals in the future. A good broker understands the needs of his tenant and is realistic on what it takes to get a deal done with NYC landlord’s. In combination of his knowledge, persistent and integrity, Steve is not good at what he does, he is great at it.

Lenny Lazzarino
Vice President, Leasing
Edison Properties
520 8th Avenue, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10018

September 12, 2012I have known Steve for about 5 years, and have worked with him for 3. He is known as the man who knows what spaces are available, before they are available. He has his ear to the ground and utilizes his connections to get his clients the best deals possible.

Steve is trustworthy (rare in his profession) and diligent. I wouldn’t use any other broker.

Chef Cornelius Gallagher

April 23, 2011

Eight months ago, I began the process of trying to lease a vacant Tribeca retail space. I knew next to nothing about commercial real estate and the listing process, and I hoped I could find a tenant without the use of a broker. I contacted an awning store in Brooklyn, ordered a $250 vinyl sign. The sign read, “Space for Rent, Call Me.”

I have learned a few things since then about the commercial leasing process, and every week that goes by it becomes a little bit more clear that the day I signed an exclusive listing agreement with Steve Rappaport was a very, very good day.

Steve was an expert at sorting out the wheat from the chaff and actively pursuing interest from quality tenants. He answered emails as quickly as they came in and sometimes even quicker. He had excellent contacts for lawyers and architects, and when it came to negotiating the terms of a lease, having Steve on our side of the table assured one thing: the best offer possible. To sum things up, we signed a lease with an excellent tenant paying a rental amount I wouldn’t have even thought to ask those who called inquiring about the space when I began the leasing process eight months ago.

For all those landlords uncertain about which way to go, using Steve Rappaport is one thing you will never regret.

Jason Farhad of Pir Press LLC

22 February 2011

Steve Rappaport was the broker for our store on Bleecker Street. It was Steve’s intimate knowledge of the immediate neighborhood and the reputation of Sinvin Realty which led us to choose him. I’m happy to say that it was a wise choice.

There where 5 empty stores on the block when we first contacted Steve. We thought it was a challenging rental market. Our space was occupied and the existing tenant was reluctant to leave. Steve knew the existing tenant, he was sympathetic to her situation; he was able to show the occupied space to prospective tenants unobtrusively. He was able to minimize exposure in the community to the fact that the business was closing after 20 years at this location. This speaks highly to both his tact and resolve.

Steve was able to bring forth several offers from quality tenants. We had serious negotiations with one client who pulled out at the last moment. Within a week Steve produced a prospective tenant who we felt was more appropriate and at an increased rent.

We are happy to recommend Steve Rappaport. He is professional & effective as shown in the results produced for us in a difficult market. Steve is easily reachable and kept us informed every step of the way.

Steve Rappaport is an asset to any team.

Joan Levine
For The Martin M Lewis Family Limited Partnership

November 22, 2010

I met Steve while looking for a restaurant space in Manhattan. When I found Steve, he was immediately attentive to my requirements in terms of a location, size and budget and what I had in mind. He showed me many targeted spaces that met my needs and he worked hard looking for me. I felt very comfortable taking him on as my exclusive agent.

Steve makes you feel like you are his only client, always taking calls and responding quickly with messages and email. Most importantly he took the time to give me advice on the places that we were looking at and patiently helped me through the process of negotiating terms. He was very targeted in his search and only proposed places that he knew would interest me and did not flood me with locations that were clearly unsuitable. As a first time restaurant owner I was also not in a position to know many professionals and looked to Steve for support. He was happy to introduce me to his contacts for lawyers (both for Leases and for Liquor Licenses), insurance and others – all of whom have been excellent in their speed and ability just as he is.

After signing of the lease Steve has continued to keep in touch with me, ensuring that everything has continued with the process of opening the restaurant. The total time it took for me to find a location with Steve was less than three months – far shorter than I was prepared for and am very happy with the outcome. I will definitely be using Steve again in the future.

Chef Larry Reutens

July 14, 2010


Two weeks ago I signed the lease for my restaurant at 84 7th Ave S New York, NY 10014. Thanks to Steve Rappaport it was a rather fast ‘search‐and‐find’, especially considering I was abroad the entire time.

Since our first contact in January and after looking at a few sites in March we had found the right space in April due to Steve efforts.

Steve’s commitment and engagement was impressive.

He guided me through the full process of renting a space, gave most valuable advice and put me in touch with the right professionals for all aspects. There was never a time when Steve was not available and his consistently quick correspondence made the process seem simple.

His work ethics are admirable and his direct and honest way respectable. This man never sleeps; he’s on top of things at all times and 5am emails aren’t a rarity.

One thing’s certain; we would have never been able to navigate the complex waters of acquiring such an amazing space if it wasn’t for Steve. I look forward to working together again soon and am highly recommending Steve to anyone looking to lease a retail space in NYC.

Natalie Maroufi
Dinner is Ready, LLC

September 12, 2009

I hired Mr. Steve Rappaport to be the exclusive broker to market my space at 139 W. 14th St., which is a 2000 sq. ft. retail space on West 14th St. between 6th& 7th Aves.

We were working under extremely adverse circumstances, in the middle of the worst economic downturn in 60 years, with an alarming increase in vacancies in all neighborhoods, a collapsed credit market, and a great deal of uncertainty about the future.

Mr. Rappaport conducted the marketing effort with the utmost professionalism and skill.  He brought many prospects, and did both sourcing and cobroking with others to my great satisfaction.  He brought many offers to us, and a difficult negotiation with several potential tenants was aided by his brokering efforts.

After several accepted offers, several prospects got cold feet at the last minute.  Steve kept me informed about how this was happening all over the city and how many landlords were experiencing the same type of behavior.  The difficulties and frustrations of this process would have been overwhelming without Steve Rappaport’s experience and interventions.

He never became discouraged, and never stopped bringing offers, one after the other.  I was very impressed.

He finally brought a tenant who was willing to sign for real.  This lovely team of retail operators had unfortunately chosen a very difficult lawyer to represent them.     I told Steve the deal was off.  Steve intervened, and brought a signed lease with certified checks to my office one day later.

The successful renting of the premises would simply never have happened without the professional skills of Mr. Steve Rappaport, and I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating marketing their retail space in Manhattan.

It goes without saying that he shall be my exclusive broker in the future.

Please feel free to contact me if any further information is required:  I feel very comfortable indeed recommending Mr. Steve Rappaport to any landlord who is facing a vacant retail space and needs the highest quality professional representation that can be found.

Joan Price
Chelsmore Apartments

September 22, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in order to commend Steve Rappaport for his hard work, keen eye, and diligence to help us find, and ultimately retain, a wonderful rental space that we hope to lease for many years to come.

I, along with my partner, founded Hecho en Dumbo a little over two years ago in DUMBO, Brooklyn. We have since grown substantially and decided to find a place in Manhattan. Without any previous experience and a young look on our face, Steve was confident in our intent and our desire and he unrelentingly guided us through the city. Though we had a pretty clear idea of what neighborhoods we wanted, we were not quite clear on size and exact location. So Steve, with a lot of patience, showed us space after space,which were not right for one reason or the other until we found our space on the Bowery. Even during the negotiation process Steve was very smart about helping us when he felt we needed the assistance, and letting us breathe and decide amongst ourselves when he felt confident that we would make the best decision.

Steve was a great help throughout this process without ever pressuring us into a decision. He gave his best recommendation, using his many years in the business, and ultimately I felt that all he wanted was for us to be happy with the decision we made.

Danny Mena
Hecho en Dumbo

I recently had  a very successful and pleasant experience working with Steve Rappaport while renting my new gallery space at 325 1/2 W. 16th St. He was helpful, professional  and knowledgeable in every way.

Steve immediately understood my needs  and almost miraculously found the perfect space for me quickly.

His thorough  knowledge of the neighborhood and understanding of the needs of small businesses was a refreshing change from other realtors who were bombarding me with spaces that could not possibly be suitable.

As I was preparing to sign the least at 325 1/2 W.16th St., he was a helpful coach and informative liaison between my self and the co-op board and a general font of knowledge.

In short, Steve  was a pleasure to work with and has that wonderful  (but sadly  rare)  combination of knowledge, expertise and intuitive understanding  while still  retaining an individual  style and humor.

I  look forward  to 10 years at my new location, with thanks to Steve.

Gail Chisholm
Chisolm Gallery

We recently signed a lease for a new space at 156 Ninth Avenue. Our broker was Steve Rappaport.  As we are sure you are aware, this man does stellar work.  We had been searching for months to no avail.  Then we found Steve. Life changed.

Steve is tireless. .His work ethic is amazing. He listens and understands. Steve’s long retail background and exhaustive knowledge of the fabric of city enabled him to find a multitude of possibilities for us in locations and at prices that made sense for our concept.

We worked this guy. He ran down every odd lead we uncovered.  Multiple site visits never concerned him.  Steve kept his eye on the ball and found us a perfect store. The size, price and exposure were right. The neighborhood is emerging but already commercially quite viable. A real neat hat trick.

During the long and sometimes grueling negotiations Steve truly proved his worth. He guided us with a steady hand and advanced our case with dedication and respect for all sides. He proved a deft fighter for our side.  His patience and thorough knowledge of the process smoothed many a bumpy problem.

Something too must be said about how interesting and lively Steve made this sometimes grueling experience. His quick wit defused any number of difficulties.  We are please to highly recommend Steve to any other client, and look forward to working with him to find our third location.

Warmest regards,
Tasha Garcia Gibson & Julie Taras Wallach

Thank you for your work in our recent leasing of the store at 65 Carmine.  I was impressed with the degree of professionalism that you brought to the task and would be glad to serve as a reference in that regard for any future clients you may have.  I especially appreciated your diligence with the leasing broker, making sure our interests were represented at every turn, but in a collegial way that maintained good relations all around.  This excellent trait of yours, together with a fine knowledge of the neighborhood and the city’s real estate market, makes me wholeheartedly recommend your services.Best of luck,
Jon Tweedy

I thought you might be interested in hearing about the fantastic experience I had working with Steve Rappaport for the commercial space at 62 Carmine Street, where I’m launching my cupcake bakery/cafe Sweet Revenge. For 3 months, Steve guided me through the negotiations process with an exceptionally tough landlord. Not only did he provide excellent guidance, he talked to me straight about what its like being an entrepreneur in this town, sharing his experience and seasoned perspective. He took me in under his wing to show me the ropes of how and why things get done the way they do.As a first-time entrepreneur having exited the corporate world this year, working with Steve gave me great confidence that the often unpleasant negotiations were still heading on a good path. He went above and beyond in other ways, generously introducing me to his general contractor and insurance company, providing numerous other contacts and vendor information and sharing thoughts on the buildout process.

Having worked with many brokers since March, none came close to providing the level of service and guidance that Steve did. He is in a league of his own, and I feel fortunate to have worked with him.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss. I’m planning on dropping in this week to introduce myself and to kickstart the Sinvin staff addiction to Sweet Revenge cupcakes!

Best regards,
Marlo Scott

As we near the conclusion of a rather long negotiation for a new retail space that Steve Rappaport found for me, I would like to write to you on his behalf, to let you know what an outstanding job and great service Steve provided.I first met Steve in Murray’s Bagels on 6th Avenue, where he introduced himself, and handed me his card. He did not realize that I had been looking for a new retail space, but I quickly discovered that he had both the knowledge and the persistene to find what I was looking for. Steve is a true New Yorker who really knows the neighborhoods of New York, as well as understanding the retail market from multiple perspectives. Unlike other brokers I had dealt with, Steve never gave up, was aggressive when appropriate, always easy to deal with, and was clearly on top of the market.

I would highly recommend Steve to any potential clients, and would certainly contact him again myself if I find that I am looking for another retail space in the future. It is with sincere thanks that I send this letter, and wish him well on future projects.

Best regards,
Adam Pomerantz, President
Murrays Bagels

It is with pleasure that I am writing to inform you of the outstanding services I received from Steve Rappaport. Steve recently helped me to locate the perfect location for my new retail store.

When I first contacted Steve I explained to him that I was keen to move very quickly and that I needed someone who would act in a prompt manner. Steve ensured that the whole process from space identification, offer submission, lease negotiations through to lease signing all ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

He was proactive in communicating with me and the other involved parties, keeping us informed of progress throughout.

Nothing is too much trouble for Steve, and his personal experience as a retail owner in Manhattan combined with the realty services he provides, make him, in my opinion, the best!

Steve’s knowledge, experience and helpful attitude have been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would be most happy to work him again.

Kind regards,
Hannah Ling
Gardenia Organic LLC

I’d like to commend the work done for me by Steve Rappaport. I was initially skeptical about hiring a broker to help me rent the store in my building at 156 Ninth Ave NYC. Many besieged me with requests to represent my property. Steve took a different tack; although persistent he was always polite. He took care to explain how the process would work from beginning to end. I decided to choose him for the job, and am quite glad that I did.Steve delivered what he promised, and more so. His argument that the Sinvin name and marketing efforts would bring innumerable potential tenants proved more than correct. His insight and experience helped me decide which of the many offers we eventually received was really worth considering. During the process of hammering out the basic points of the deal Steve was a skilled negotiator. He helped craft a deal that worked well for me and the tenant. Steve’s credo that a good deal is one in which both sides walk away a little unhappy made sense to all sides and resulted in something all felt good about.

During the more difficult process of negotiations between lawyers, Steve’s knowledge of people and the process saved the day many times. When egos got bruised, and misunderstanding occurred, he was able to smooth things out quickly and expertly. During the whole process Steve showed himself to be a tireless worker and made himself available whenever and wherever it was necessary.

In summation, I would be happy to recommend Steve Rappaport to any landlord that needs representation. They will find someone who is not afraid to work and can get the job done with respect and concern for all parties.

Vincent Yam

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