By Steve Rappaport

High Tide – Navigating New York’s Rising Retail Leasing Rates

Brokers – Diplomats of Duality

Grease Trap or Grease the Wheel- NBAT-The Kinder, Gentler, City Agency Offers Help for New Food Businesses

Nocavore Opening Soon in the West Village

Liquor Licenses and the 200 and 500 Foot Rules – Spaces Not to Touch with a Ten Foot Pole

A Vent About Venting

The Good Guy Guarantee- The Tenant Escape Clause

Liquor License Self-Certification to End. Bureaucrats reverse logic “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” becomes “if it succeeds suspend it”

The Good News/Bad News Index-Retail Sales Rise Two Months in a Row

LowBrow-The Next New Neighborhood

A Quicker Pour- Liquor License Approval Speeds Up

Liquor License Laws, Not as Easy as ABC

Comprehending Commercial Kitchens

Landmark Designation in Relation to Retail

Retail Math

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