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Steve Rappaport, Senior Managing Director of Sinvin Real Estate, has been involved in the retail business for more than thirty years. His insight and understanding of the field profits Landlords and Tenants alike. Steve’s intimate knowledge of the constant evolution of all New York Neighborhoods, provides the perspective necessary to astutely advise his clients in the often perplexing, but always crucial, choice of the correct locations. His years of practical experience in retail and real estate, both operationally and economically, are key elements in his ability to assess the value of all possibilities. This allows for in depth, real world, analysis of all aspects involved in successful Real Estate decision making.

Pinpointing a location is the beginning of the process. As a trusted advisor, Steve is always there to help navigate the negotiations involved in securing the space. His diplomacy and inventive deal making has smoothed many seemingly intractable situations. From day one to opening day, Steve Rappaport is an invaluable Real Estate resource.

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